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Big Data Engineering Services

We provide end to end Architecture, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of Big Data Projects. We have a rich talent pool with specialized skills on Hadoop, Spark, Hive, PIG, Impala, Amazon AWS, Oozie, ElasticSearch, Solr , Hbase, Cassandra and Storm. We provide outcome driven Big Data Engineering Services.

Big Data Security Services

We are one of the niche consulting company to provide specialized Big Data Services. We specialize in Kerberos implementation across all Big Data Technologies. We provide Big Data Security consulting services that includes Security Blueprint, Infrastructure Security, Hardening, Network Security, Cluster Security and Data Security

Big Data Analytics Services

We deliver hidden insights from wide variety of data sources using our pre-build analytical Lens. These lenses help discover hidden patterns and trends from both structured and unstructured data. We have delivered Customer Churn Analytics, Real Time Recommendation Engine, Customer Sentiment Analysis, Web Log Analytics, Machine Data Analytics etc. to our customers using our pre-build lenses.

Big Data Competency Development

Without unique Big Data expertise, we provide one of the best Big Data Competency Development program for the enterprise. We partner with Enterprise for Training, Coaching, Mentoring and on job competency development program. BigDataCoach is one of the unique online training offered by Knowledge Lens for enriching Big Data competency.

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