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Cloud Roadmap and Strategy

The progression of cloud infrastructure offers an organization a number of options. Colocation, various cloud models, and even the hybrid approach are all viable for the modern business. The important piece is selecting the right option. To give you a realistic perspective, in some cases it makes sense to build out your own data center because your business model, user-base, and future business goals all require it. The point is that there are a number of options to work with.

Cloud paves the way for innovation in several areas, and quickly adapts to business changes. For instance, online retailers can leverage cloud services to effectively implement web-based, point-of-sale and online purchasing applications.

Organizations can give their employees and key stakeholders access to corporate resources on the cloud which can drive improved productivity, irrespective of where employees are located or what devices they use. Cloud also supports big data, as many organizations migrate more and more of their business applications to the cloud.

The crux of the job lies in attention to details of these assessments.

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