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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Are you planning aggressive expansion? Are you planning on taking on additional users or branches? Are you deploying a new type of application or product? Are there core reasons to move an application, data set or entire platform into the cloud?

In today’s ever-evolving technology world, the end-user has become even more critical. The always-on generation is now demanding their data anywhere, anytime, and on any device. How capable will your cloud platform be to deliver this rich content to your end-users?

Today, most companies are in the basic to moderate level of readiness, and most have a goal of moving to an advanced level of readiness over time. In addition, most companies will admit they are not prepared when it comes to how to move to the cloud and could use help moving forward.

When undertaking a CRA, it is important to ensure that key business owners are included in the process. While IT should lead the process, key personnel from the business side of the shop need to be involved to truly “legitimize” the process.

We help you manage with all these questions.

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