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Cloud Best Practices

CIOs considering moving mission-critical applications to the cloud must fully understand the inherent differences between cloud services created for consumer use and those designed to serve the more demanding needs of enterprise businesses. Well-publicized outages point out the need for enterprise-ready cloud services designed from the ground up with the enterprise in mind.

These disruptions draw attention to the need for enterprise IT pros to make important decisions about where to locate cloud-based mission-critical infrastructure based on a thorough understanding of the associated selection criteria.

The cloud can be a powerful tool. Already, many organizations are building their business process around the capabilities of their technology platform. As always, any push towards a new infrastructure will require planning, and a good use-case analysis. In the case of cloud computing, running a cloud readiness assessment can save quite a few headaches in the future. Basically, you’ll be able to better understand your current capabilities and what the optimal type of infrastructure would be. Ultimately, this helps align your IT capabilities directly with the goals of your organization.

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